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Now offering Group Sessions discussing
Social Skills, Anger Management, and Self-Esteem.
All Ages Welcome! Call our office for more details.

Life can be complicated...

Anxiety, depression and anger are experienced frequently in these stressful times.   But when difficulties and problems affect your ability to manage from day to day – when living hurts – professional counseling can make a difference.  Many people keep themselves from seeking help because they think they can go it alone or fear change.  Everyone experiences difficulties in life.

At Bleach & Associates, we encourage you to set goals that will result in life enrichment and empowerment.  We specialize in a wide range of issues that may affect you as an individual, as a couple, as a family.  Poor communication, separation/divorce, and lack of self-esteem are a few of these areas.  Help is available for most of our psychological problems through counseling.  It is surprising to find out that it helps to have someone who will listen to you without condemnation.

The compassionate and experienced therapists at Bleach & Associates deal with issues that plague you and your families every day.  Don’t go it alone –  STOP HURTING!!

Give us a call – we will set a time to start your healing!


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Our Philosophies

  • Treating you with respect, dignity and concern.
  • Providing you with competent, compassionate, therapeutic services.
  • Assisting you in tackling your problems with a better sense of vision, inspiration and strength.

Our Therapists

Gail Bleach, PhD, Director

Kay Ackerman, MD
Jean Chappell, LCSW-C
Carolyn G. Dawkins, LCSW-C
Tony Doran, PsyD
Kenneth Hoffman, MD, MPH
James Taylor, PhD
Sonja Watts-Means, LCSW-C